Both the Anglican Diocese of BC and United Church are gathering together worship, prayers, and other resources for use at home. Check back on the links occasionally as they are being updated regularly.

Check out Rev. Alastair's blog where he has posted a two morning prayer services from the sanctuary at St. Columba's. He will be posting a worship service once a week and other short videos and blog posts periodically throughout each week. The services also appear as events on our calendar. and as pre-recorded "live stream" recordings. They can be watched or rewatched any time. He is also adding other short posts on our church Facebook page. 

Rev. Alastair and the Church Council has set up a Pastoral Care Team to help our church stay connected during this time. If you wish to either make or receive daily phone calls please contact him by email or phone.

Provided by the Anglican Church of Canada and Diocese of BC: services from or arranged by Christ Church Cathedral. Rev. Alastair will be featured soon in 3 of the daily devotions

Provided by the United Church of Canada and Pacific Mountain Region

And for ideas suitable for children and youth