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Gila’kasla... Night prayers for peace for those who are sick, caring for the sick or worried about their own health, especially at this time of uncertainty and anxiety over Covid-19

For those weighed down by ill health,
bring wholeness to body, mind and spirit.
For those weighed down by worry,
bring wisdom, peace and reassurance.
For those weighed down by fear,
bring freedom, release and liberation.
For those weighed down by sadness,
bring comfort, strength and joy.

For all whose nights are broken
by pain, discomfort, anxiety,
caring duties, noisy neighbours
and so many other reasons,
leaving them irritable, tired
and unable to concentrate,
refresh their minds, grant
patience in times of stress,
keep them safe when driving,
and in the nights to come
may they find peace and rest.

Prayer: Faith & Worship, John Birch.