Welcome to worship at St. Columba's Anglican United Church. As we move into a blend of in-person and virtual worship we hope that you find a worship place where you are comfortable being. Recordings of our worship service are available on the online worship page and each week on our calendar or events list. In-person worship again taking place on Sunday, with some minor modifications and restrictions. If you haven't attended in-person since the COVID-19 shut downs, please contact the church before you plan to attend.

Remember that worship is a way of response that connects knowledge of God (our heads) with passion for God (our hearts). May you receive what you need this day and sense the presence of the Spirit of God moving among us.

For additional information about our blended Anglican and United Church worship traditions see these details

If you wish to volunteer as a greeter, reader (scripture or prayers), or as part of our music ministry please speak to Rev. Christine Muise or Robert Fyles.