St. Columba's has committed itself to walk on a journey of truth-telling, healing, and reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of the Islands and Inlets where we live, work, and minister as a church. We are grateful for the continued financial and other support of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council of the United Church of Canada under the LeaderShift Church Plant Project and to the Anglican Diocese of the Island and Inlets, the Anglican Foundation of Canada and the United Way food hub spoke.

Our church seeks to build friendship and engage and partner with local First Nations communities in the area. 

We continue to have weekly Sunday lunches as part of our outreach, hosted by our Food Security Worker or a volunteer. We also host a daily early morning St. Columba's Sanctuary every day for those who need a warm, safe place and caring folk to speak to.

Christine and Sheila spend time with our First Nations brothers and sisters, primarily with the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Nations, Kwagu'ł Nation and Quatsino Nation and also the Namgis Nation and the Nations that make up Whe-la-la-u

If you would like to speak to or meet with Rev. Christine or Rev. Sheila please feel to contact them.