It is our hope that you will feel comfortable worshiping with us. Dress is casual, please come as you are. Feel free to participate in whatever way you wish: sitting, standing or kneeling as you are able, listening or joining in the hymns or responses as indicated.

This information is intended to give you an idea of what to expect during a Sunday church service. Our services reflect our affiliation with the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada. We do this by alternating four styles of service each month: Anglican Eucharist, Anglican Morning Prayer, United Church Communion and United Church Service of the Word. The order of service is contained in a printed bulletin and is also displayed on the overhead TV screen at the front of the sanctuary.

Our Clergy

Our paid clergy alternates between a United Church minister and an Anglican priest. Rev. Alastair Hunting is currently our priest and brings friendly enthusiasm to his ministry with us. Please check our calendar page for details on the upcoming services.

Anglican Morning Prayer:

This service follows the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) (the green book found in the pews). The prayers are printed in the bulletin but words are also displayed on the overhead screen.

United Church Service of the Word:

Prayers and responses are printed in the bulletin and on the overhead screen.

Anglican Eucharist:

This service is either from the BAS or from Liturgy for the Islands. During the Eucharist we serve wine and use a common cup. You are invited to kneel or stand at the altar railing and receive the bread, the wine or both as you prefer. If your mobility prevents you from coming to the altar rail but you would like to receive communion please mention this to the greeter or minister before the service and the elements will be brought to you in your pew.

United Church Communion:

The prayers and responses are printed in the bulletin or on the overhead screen. During this service the elements are served to the congregation in their seats. We use grape juice and a common loaf. Save the elements until everyone is served then the minister will indicate so we all partake together.

Hymns and service music:

As a congregation we enjoy singing together. Hymns are selected from either the red Voices United hymn book or the spiral bound More Voices hymn book. They range from contemporary to traditional each week. Words are normally displayed on the overhead screen; those who enjoy reading music will find the hymn books distributed in the pews. Feel free to sing or just enjoy the music and remember that we are all called to make a joyful noise!

Stay in Touch:

Please sign our guest book when you arrive the first time or two. If you are from the Port Hardy area, please fill in the "Welcome" contact card in the greeting area. If you would like to receive a charitable donation receipt for any offering you care to make please use one of the visitor envelopes available from the greeter and fill in the contact information. As a visitor/newcomer you are in no way obligated to make a cash donation. If you would like to become a regular donor ask the greeter to direct you to the envelope secretary who can set you up with donation envelopes or a pre-authorized remittance.