We celebrate being a diverse community of individuals who work together in faith and care.
The Church Council at St. Columba is responsible for the governance of the church comprised of chairs or appointed representatives of the different church committees. Committees include:

• Ministry & Personnel: Carolyn McKibbin
• Building and Property: Robert Fyles

As well a number of individuals sit on the council

• PMRC representative and church treasurer: Judy Fyles
• Rector's warden: Robert Fyles  email: wardens @ stcolumbaporthardy.ca
• People's warden: Priscilla O'Neill email: wardens @ stcolumbaporthardy.ca
• Synod representative and Envelope secretary: Carolyn McKibbin
• Member at large: Heather Jones

Judy Fyles is the current Chair of Council. Correspondence can be addressed to the Council Secretary, Robert Fyles. Their contact information is on the Staff page.

Additional Groups

Port Alice: Doris Pepper is the member on our church council representing the church in Port Alice. A report is made on the happenings from this congregation.

Ecumenical Society: The St. Columba land and the building moved here were originally donated to three denominations. United Church and Anglican Church members sit on this overarching governace Society. Until 2017 the Roman Catholic Church (St. Bonaventure) had representatives as members of the society. Chair: Sheila Cook.

Altar and Fellowship Group: Ammie Yuipco, coordinator