This image was created by Robert Fyles to represent our congregation. Initially the inspiration was to combine the iconic North Island scenery; ocean, islands and stag horn cedars with the red cedar archway and yellow cedar Celtic cross -- hand crafted by our then minister Rev. Bill Laurie -- that welcomes visitors into our church building. Although Robert primarily intended a physical representation of the local environment, as we began to think about the image further we started to recognize symobolism of a more spiritual dimension :

• The cedar tree was truly a tree of life for the First Nations who have shared their land with us.
• The tree grows out of a rock, just as our faith is founded on the rock of Our Savior’s love.
• The arch way rises out of the water as we rise from the waters of baptism into new life.

We pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit pictured as a dove in the center of the image continues to kindle our spirits and inspires us respond to the call of God in our lives and to fulfill the mission of our congregation:

As followers of Jesus Christ, our church is a community called to love, honour, worship, and serve God. We invite others to share our Christian Journey as we grow in faith and engage in ministry in our town and mission in our world.