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Hello folks

Both the United Church and Anglican Church nationally and regionally are moving to communicate with folks almost exclusively electronically. You can sign-up for newsletters that summarize events and information. Of recent note is that the Diocesan Post will now only be available electronically at least until December. This is mostly due to matters related to COVID-19, but is also a sign of the times in general.

Of course you can also sign-up to receive our own church newsletter from any page on our website.

Below are some samples of recent Anglican and United Church newsletters which also contain information to sign-up to receive the newsletters. For more information or help on signing up for them please contact Judy Fyles.

Diocese of Britich Columbia to receive the periodic newsletters from the Diocese.

Anglican Church of Canada They offer a number of newsletter options including the Anglican Journal which is available digitally (with no Diocesan Post maling, they may not be mailing the Journal either).

Diocesan Post to download the digital editions.

Pacific Mountain Region (Online Together) they have a number of newsletters they send out check their website to sign-up for specific ones.

United Church of Canada they also have various newsletters you can sign up for on their website.

Broadview Magazine to receive newsletters highlighting articles and web exclusives.