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Pacific Mountain Regional Council Celebration of Ministry - Service of Worship June 2, 2024

Wow, 1 admitted, 2 commissioned and 12 ordinations!

Rev. Rob Shearer (received into United Church of Canada from Anglican Church of Canada); (PMRC regional minister church planting project (our Indigneous Ministry O'man's Nam'a grant co-ordinator)

Dr. Kendra Mitchell-Foster and Kerry Child (Diaconal Ministry: education, service, social justice, and pastoral care

Anne Ellis, Cathy Cryder (Cathy is the Camp Spirit regional minister), Colleen Blair, Elizabeth Parsons, Hilary Bitten, Jennifer Cunnings, Marie Paul, Mini Choi, Nancy Walker, Pamela Evans (PMRC First Third team lead), Rhonda Thorndale, Shelley Worthington (Ordained Ministry: word, sacrament and pastoral care)