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Yeah! The music has finally arrived! 
We will be starting our practices next Thursday evening (March 3) at 7 PM. I hope this works for everyone, but we can discuss this at the first practice. This will hopefully allow those who need to travel from Coal Harbour and Port McNeill to have time to get here. The practices will be about 2 hours and held at St. Columba's Church by the Port Hardy Hospital. If you can't make Thursdays at all let me know and we will discuss other practice times which might work with the group when we meet.
Thanks everyone for answering the call for singers for a concert later this spring to mark Earth Day and also to raise funds for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFB). I will have some information for everyone on CFB, how the tickets will be distributed (concert is free but donations are encouraged) and other info as it becomes available through the Canadian coordinators.
There are 14 pieces in all. Some are designed to be sung "sing-along style" with the audience joining the choir (words will be on PowerPoint for them), so these ones will not need to be as polished. Some are designed to have particular verses as solos (hint, hint to those who have the time or inclination to volunteer for this), but solos won't be decided until after we have run through most pieces. There are only 3 pieces that are designed as SATB choir anthem/choir pieces which will require more practice on our part. The practice CDs arrived and I will have copies of them for those who need one. Please let me know by email if you think having one would be helpful to you. There are 2 versions: someone singing the "tune" with piano accompaniment and the other the performance accompaniment only version. We may need to use that one if I haven't found a pianist. If you know of someone who might volunteer to play for even the three anthem pieces please let me know. Not sure if we can record a parts practice tape, but let me know if you need help with parts. 
If you know of other folks (especially men or teens) who you think might be interested in the event, please pass this invitation and information on to them.
Additional help will be needed for advertising, technical support (sound and PowerPoint during the concert) and other duties so if you know folks who might volunteer for this please let me know by email or at the first practice.
Looking forward to singing with you.