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Dear friends,

With the easing of Public Health Orders in our Province and decreasing Covid-19 case numbers in this part of the Island, our Church Council in attending to the recommendations by the Pacific Mountain Regional Council and the Diocese of Islands and Inlets (BC), WE ARE RETURNING TO IN PERSON SUNDAY SERVICE at 10:30 this Sunday February 20!

Please read below for the particulars!

  • The expectation for attending on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM is that everyone is fully vaccinated.
  • (The service will continue to be streamed and recorded for those unable to come in person.)
  • We will continue to be physically distant and we will continue to remain masked.
  • Our protocols allow for the leaders and readers to be without a mask during active speaking at the microphone.
  • Everyone is expected to ‘sign in’ and give their phone number and/or their email address upon entry.

At the end of the service, if you would like to remain in the Sanctuary to ‘chat’ while masked, that is permitted provided that physical distancing is being adhered to. 

For those with food insecurity, our Essential Sunday Food Security Initiative is taking place in the hall!

We welcome you to drive down to the far hall entrance to enter through the double doors if mobility is an issue.   

In kindness, compassion, and simplicity,